Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vission, mission and objectives are:



  • To help in conservation, protection and efficient utilization of natural resources like; water, soil, plant, animal, bio-diversity and environment.

  • To work for achieving self-supporting systems in rural areas by providing livelihood options to the less privileged people, landless poor, women etc. for alleviating hunger and poverty.

  • To undertake specialized consultancy services, designing and conducting; scientific research projects, human resource development programmes, monitoring & evaluation of programmes and manpower assessment as per the requirements of user agencies.

  • To identify production constraints, develop methodologies and provide technical support in the strategic areas like; disaster management, organic agriculture, post-harvest technology etc.

  • To design and conduct seminars, workshops, brain storming sessions and village adoption programmes in collaboration with development departments and non-government organizations.

  • To develop and publish appropriate information material in the local language for serving the needs of extensionists, farmers and rural poor.

  • To develop and improve the marketing and export agricultural systems in order to increase the demand for local products and sustainable production in rural areas.